My sister visited my dad the other day and took him out on errands. Afterwards, she told me Dad had said that his brother had called.

“Anything new?” Wendy asked Dad.

“He’s…uh…coming for a…” Dad’s sentence drizzled to a stop.

“For a visit?” my sister supplied.

“Yes! For a visit!” Dad answered, pleased.

Wendy came to my house and reported Dad’s news. Mom and I both looked puzzled. “Really? Coming here from the east coast? Hmmm…I wonder when?” We were baffled that Dad’s brother hadn’t told us.

Suddenly, it dawned on us…that it happened again! We had walked into Dad’s world!

It’s the funniest thing about Alzheimer’s and my dad. He can sound so sure, so positive…we all jump around assuming his information is correct.

Just like the time he ordered the paramedics around at his Board and Care and they listened to him! They carried a woman off to the hospital even though she was fine.

Or the time he announced to the respite care worker that they were behind schedule today and everyone in the program looked at their watches and started to get up to leave.

Ah, Dad. He’s one of a kind!

“They are?

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