If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a lot more time and energy pondering problems than you do ruminating on the good stuff in your life. After all, problems need attention, they need solving. Good things are, well, good enough. So, of course, the problems winds up getting more of our focus. Unfortunately, that means we overlook or under-appreciate the good stuff. And so much of life is good.

Here’s something I’ve done to counteract my stuck-on-the-problems way of thinking: Three Good Thinks

Each day, I write down three things that brought joy in my day and why they did. They don’t have to be big huge events. It’s just a way to shift my thinking to dwell more on positive moments that I’m overlooking.

Example: Yesterday, my five-year-old granddaughter sent me a ten-second voice activated text to tell me that she loved me and missed me.

Reason for joy: I only knew one grandmother and, more often than not, she always seemed disappointed in me. I was too talkative, too messy, too boisterous, too careless. (Pretty sure she was right!) But…I wanted to be a different kind of grandmother. A warm and loving relationship with my darling grandchildren is a top priority for me. Kaitlyn’s message made me feel that I’m doing it right.

So give it a try! Keeping an eye out for your day’s Three Good Thinks will start to shift your attention to more of the good stuff.

And let me know if you have any suggestions to help yourself dwell on more positive things. I’d like to hear what’s working for you, too.


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