Some books should be re-read each and every year.

Hearing God (by Peter Lord, Baker Books) is one of those books. The author believes that Christians need to learn how to listen for the voice of God, that all too often it’s a one-way conversation.

It’s meant to be two-way.

Learning to listen to God takes work! It requires continual practice, a daily dive into Scriptures, and trust in the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

As I read Peter Lord’s book last evening, a few stellar points jumped out at me:

1) Practice a positive response to God’s impressions. For example, when thoughts of a friend come to mind, the author encourages you to act, to not ignore it. Pray for that friend, call, send an e-mail or note. A few years ago, I was the recipient of this experience. Out of the blue, two friends (who live in different corners of the U.S.) reached out to me on the same day, not knowing that I was going through a very difficult time. I’ll never forget how that felt–like a hug from God.

2) Conversely, practice a negative response. Become insensitive and unresponsive to the world’s values and ways. The author likens it to living near an airport or train tracks–learn to tune out the “noise” that distracts you. Boy o’ boy, do I need to work on that skill!

What about you? Any tips or suggestions about how to improve listening to God’s still, small voice? Please share in comments!

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