For a few weeks, during that nail biting rescue of the soccer boys in the cave in Thailand, I was glued to the TV. What a story…and it kept unfolding! Every few hours, I would stop work to turn on the TV to get updates.

Call me crazy, but the way I watch news is by flipping between CNN and Fox. Somewhere in the middle are the facts.

Here’s what I noticed during my intense news-watching: Both news organizations seemed to try to get viewers outraged. Really heated up. Newscasters feed the flames and keep the fire stoked.

I know, I know…so just change the channel. I did! In fact, I compared CNN/Fox to other news stations. For the most part, it was the same kind of reporting–repetitive stories that fueled outrage.

For over a decade, studies have claimed that an epidemic of anger has hold of America. According to a USA Today CNN/Gallup Poll, more than 3/4’s of Americans think that angry behavior is on the rise. A New York Post article found that reported air rage incidents rose 50% in 2017.

After the Thai boys were rescued from the cave, I rejoiced with the world over such a positive outcome, and I was also very ready to turn off the TV. Since then, I’ve been trying to catch the top of the news on the radio or web updates each day. It’s good to know what’s going on in the world, to stay informed. But for most of the news, headlines are really all I need.

Two questions for you…I’d like to hear your thoughts in comments. (And let’s stay away from politics, please!)

  1. How do you manage yours news intake?
  2. Do you ever wonder America’s rise in angry behavior is fueled by the media?

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