I am currently in Rhode Island, serving as lady-in-waiting to my brand new (and first!) grandson, Blake.

He was born last Wednesday night, 8# 4oz., a week overdue, but healthy and beautiful. Oh so beautiful!

Day 1 and Day 2 with Blake were a blur in the hospital.

Day 3… settling into home. I arrived, parents looked like they were shell-shocked.

Day 4…hard day with baby Blake. For my daughter (who amazes me with her patience and steadfast calm even though she is exhausted and seriously sleep deprived), every part of her body hurts. For my son-in-law (who is a fantastic, doting, thoroughly devoted dad)…he’s trying everything to help.

Day 5…magical day with baby Blake! Long naps, happy feedings, reasonable crying!    

Day 6…just got started but it’s looking good! My husband flies in tonight to meet his grandson. Fresh troops arrive!

It’s amazing how much work and wonder an 8 pound newborn creates! Such a miracle of God’s goodness…

Stay tuned! Will try to upload more pix as I get them. It’s surprisingly difficult to get pictures of a baby with his eyes open. Either he’s crying, eating, getting a diaper changed, or sleeping.

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