This morning, I drove six 17-year-old boys from one high school to another high school for an all-day leadership conference…and I still can’t stop smiling from the experience.

Listening to their conversation felt like trying to keep track of a ping pong ball.

“Hey!” one shouted while we were still in the high school parking lot. “How come that girl has a new BMW?”

“Cuz she didn’t lose her Iphone for two whole months so her dad rewarded her with a BMW.”

“Sheesh…I wish I had parents like that.”

“Nah, you don’t. And think what it would like to be married to her.” (In a high squeaky voice) “Honey, I need a new car. Mine is two weeks old! And if you don’t get me one, I’ll call Daddy.”

“Hey, if you gained 200 more pounds, you could get a football scholarship to a Pac-10 school.”

“But then he’d weigh 450 pounds.”

(And I do have to say…my poor mini-van was so loaded down with six 200 pounders…I felt like Wilma Flintstone, pedaling madly. I didn’t dare go on the freeway because I was afraid the car had no ability to accelerate.)

When we got to the school, the boys piled out of the car. The automatic door befuddled them…one shut the door on one kid as he tried to get out. The other side was left wide open.

I just shook my head, watching them go, tripping each other, intentionally, as they sauntered off to the conference. Can’t wait for the return trip, late this afternoon.

Boys are just so…funny.

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