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Author Spotlight Melody Carlson


What part of the country do you consider home?

I live in Oregon, but not the rainy side where most of Oregon’s population resides. We live on the dry side (well, except for the 60 inches of snow we got last winter!). We’re next to the mountains, surrounded by pine trees, mountain lakes and various forms of wildlife. It’s a highly recreational area, where people come to camp, boat, hike, ski . . . and so on. I feel very blessed to live here!

Currently, how big (or small) is your household?

Our ‘household’ primarily includes my husband (of 39 years) my yellow Labrador retriever Audrey and me. Although we’re known to take in various family members from time to time—like our granddaughter who resides here for much of the summer. Also, one of our son’s lives on our property.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I love traveling and ‘camping’ in our motor home, which thanks to a building project, we haven’t been doing nearly enough of late. I also enjoy gardening and home décor projects, as well as less energetic activities as simple as taking a walk or reading a good book.

Is there any habit or hobby you have that might surprise readers?

I’ve been a fan of ‘glamping’ (comfortable/glamorous camping) for some time and recently bought an old 1963 camping trailer that I’ve been fixing up with the intention of reselling. It’s cute as can be—but a lot of work. I’ve finished the interior (in 1960’s shades of turquoise and burnt orange) and am about to attack the exterior. I wouldn’t mind turning this into a regular hobby, but I’ll see how this one goes first.

You’ve just turned in your manuscript, and your editor won’t return it with revisions for at least a week or two. Where would you go for a vacation?

I would love to visit all the national parks in our beautiful country—in our motor home. We’ve been to a few (Yellowstone, Grand Canyon etc.) but we still have a lot on our bucket list. So taking two weeks to visit, say, Glacier National Park, sounds good to me!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

The truth is I’m not a huge ice cream fan (that would be my husband!) but I do like mocha-almond-fudge!

Are you a dog or a cat person? What does that tell us about you?

I think I’m split on that one. Depending on the animal, I like either one. We had an easy-going, independent and intelligent Maine Coon cat that I adored. But our laid-back lab Audrey is definitely a delight. I’m not a fan of yippy little dogs or entitled high-maintenance cats. What it tells you is that I rarely fall into a single category—I’m both left and right brained.

Under a Summer Sky-Book CoverWhat was your favorite childhood book? What made it so beloved?

The Velveteen Rabbit stands out because it was the first book that wasn’t just a ‘picture’ book that I read from cover to cover. I was about seven at the time and I read it in the school library and cried at the end (which was embarrassing). But I still love that story!

How many unfinished book ideas or manuscripts do you currently have?

Oh, my—I have no idea. I’m sure there are dozens in my ‘idea’ file. As far as unfinished work that is in the works for publication, it’s probably five or six.

What’s your favorite movie? Favorite TV show?

Hmm, that really depends on my mood. I love old films (I’m a big Turner Classic Movies fan) but it’s hard to name a ‘favorite.’ One that comes to mind is The Women. Partly because it’s so cleverly done (filmed in 1939—with an all female cast) but I could list bunches of other movies that I love as much. I’m not a big TV show viewer these days (although I like HGTV’s Fixer Upper) but as far a dramatic show, I really enjoyed BBC’s Doc Martin and wish that series had never ended.

If you were casting yourself in a movie, which actor or actress would you pick? Why?

Well, since this is such a hypothetical question, I’ll pick someone who’s no longer available. How about Audrey Hepburn? Now if only I looked like her! LOL.

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Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of over two hundred books with sales of more than five million. She is the author of several Christmas books from Revell, including the bestselling The Christmas Bus, The Christmas Dog, and Christmas at Harrington’s, which is being considered for a TV movie. She is also the author of many teen books, including Just Another Girl, Anything but Normal, Double Take, and the Life at Kingston High series. She is the winner of a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her many books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series and Finding Alice. Melody and her husband live in Oregon.


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