Congrats to Wendy M. yesterday for winning a copy of Lisa Wingate’s Never Say Never (Bethany).

So many Facebook comments were left for me late yesterday, hoping to be entered, that I felt a little sorry for making the cut-off at 3pm.

See, the problem was that last evening was busy. My son’s basketball team was advancing into the NCS and they had the first play-off game last night. Single elimination, so it’s now game by game.

And they won! 71-41.

I felt a little choked up last night…knowing that if my son’s team lost, the season would be over not only for my son, but for our family, too. He’s our youngest child, playing his last high school sport. After four children, I couldn’t even count up the hours we have spent on cold bleachers in dimly lit gyms, or standing against the wind on a baseball field in the middle of nowhere, or beside a pool on a freezing cold day.

Always cheering, win or lose. Always there. That’s what parents do.

Anyway…back to the giveaways. Let’s do another today, in hopes that someone who really needs a good book will win it. I have another copy of C.J. Darlington’s Thicker than Blood (Tyndale). I reviewed the book a few months ago.

Here’s today’s question: What’s a favorite memory you have of raising your kids? Don’t overthink this…just share something that pops into your mind. Something that makes you smile and feel grateful God gave you the privilege of raising a child.

Leave a comment or send me an e-mail suzanne at suzannewoodsfisher dot com by 4pm today so I can get down to the post office by the 5pm cut-off. Merci!

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