Each time I go and visit the Amish, I come home with a desire to purge my home of non-essentials. I’ve been going through closets lately, filling up bags for donation. My friend Katrina says that you’re supposed to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year. So I took her advice and did! Filled up three bags full…called the donation pick-ups…and away it all went. To homes where things will be used!

John Steinbeck’s Travel with Charley has a funny paragraph on the American love affair with clutter…

“I can never get used to the thousands of antique shops along the roads, all bulging with authentic and attested trash from an earlier time. I believe the population of the thirteen colonies was less than four million souls, and every one of them must have been frantically turning out tables, chairs, china, glass, candle molds, and oddly shaped bits of iron, copper, and brass for future sale to twentieth-century tourists. There are enough antiques for sale along the roads of New England alone to furnish the houses of a population of fifty million.”

A fair amount of those things ended up in my parents’ garage!

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