Last night, my college daughter had a few friends over to sit around the fire pit. A few friends turned into a few more friends. They weren’t doing anything wrong–just having fun on a warm summer night.

But they all seem to forget that they aren’t still living in a college dorm.

Close to midnight, I was mad. I stomped out and told them to “BE QUIET! The rest of this household is up at 5:30 a.m. to start their work day! 5 1/2 hours from NOW!”

Immediately, they quieted down. They really were good kids…just clueless about how they affect others. Like, for example, a family trying to get to sleep. Not to mention a few grouchy neighbors whom I plan to avoid today.

This morning, my husband let the dogs out in the backyard and filled up their breakfast bowls. When he went to put the bowls outside for the dogs, there were no dogs. They had discovered an open gate (left open by those kids when they finally did go home last night) and were off on a sniffing spree.

Ah, Summer has arrived.

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