I was walking through the church library on Sunday morning to drop off some books when a cute young mom stopped me. “Are you the author?” she asked shyly.

“Who, me?” I don’t think I’ve ever thought of myself with that label. An aspiring author. A free lance writer. But a real author? That was new to me. I probably looked confused. I remember thinking that she must have me mixed up with someone else.

“I read Copper Star, cover to cover, and loved it!” she continued. “I put it on my daughter’s desk and told her she has to read it and that she wouldn’t be able to stop once she started!”

I thanked her profusely. Afterwards, I realized that she was the very first person who read Copper Star without any connection to me at all. My friends and family have been incredibly supportive and helpful in promoting this book, but my writing has to stand on its own. This story has to stand on its own. I can’t count on mercy sales!

I don’t even know that kind woman’s name, but she blessed me that morning, far more than she could ever have realized.

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