This post belongs to Lisa at Lisa Notes…on Seeing God. She graciously gave me permission to re-post. Like my dad, Lisa’s mom has Alzheimer’s Disease. Thanks to my blogging friend, Linda, for sending me this post!

I’m going to experiment here. Can I possibly think of five GOOD things about Alzheimer’s from my week?

My first thought? Impossible! It’s a horrible disease and I hate it.

But for Friday’s Fave Five, I look for silver linings.
So here goes:

1. It eliminates bad memories
I don’t think my mom is recalling this week any specific hard things about my dad’s dying process that I keep recalling. That’s a blessing for her.

2. It brings out good in people
I love watching how gentle and compassionate Mama’s friends are to her. This week I’ve seen her “sister” Mrs. Davis bring her a special key lime pie, and her neighbor Kathy stand outside in the cold to listen to her cry, and long-time friend Mrs. Chaney promise me at Kroger that she would take very good care of Mama if we’d let her take her to breakfast some morning.

3. It teaches me humility
I know this could happen to me, too. Or you. We can’t know. No one is too smart or too healthy to escape it. And how would I want someone to treat me if, for instance, I had to keep getting assurance that today is actually Friday?

4. It introduces me to new people
As much as I hated to have to, my brother and I met with Mary Lou, the executive director of our local Alzheimer’s Association on Tuesday. She gave us some great information and helped us think through some options ahead. I’d rather not need her, but I’m thankful that she’s there because I do.

5. It reminds me of God’s sovereignty
My cousin-in-law Julie brought us a huge stack of Alzheimer’s books yesterday that were her mother’s. Julie’s dad died with Alzheimer’s on Thanksgiving, 2007.

When Julie married into our family, we loved her from the get-go because of her incredible personality. But God knew we would also need Julie’s experiences in dealing with a parent with Alzheimer’s. I’m thankful God always has the bigger picture in mind.

* * *

Whew. So there’s my five.

For the record, I still hate Alzheimer’s. But even in the midst of it, I know God is still loving, caring, working. That will be enough for me.

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