Are you suddenly working from home?
If so, there’s a lot on your shoulders!
Trying to keep up with work AND care for/homeschool children AND create some kind of work/life separation AND tamp down rising anxiety over Coronavirus.
But once it settles into a groove, and with a little flexibility, you might find yourself embracing this new “working-from-home” reality.
Here’s a few tips to help, gleaned from my 30 years of working at home (while raising 4 kids!):
Work when you’re most productive. For me, it’s early in the morning before anyone else in the household is awake. One writer friend is a night owl. She’s just finishing up to head to bed as I’m waking up to start my day.
Set ground rules for your family. Create clear expectations with your spouse, and even with your school-age children.
Make a stoplight to use while you’re working.
Red means STOP. Green means OK to interrupt. Yellow…check first.
Keep a dedicated work space. It can be done! I work in a ridiculously tiny laundry room.
Kids need routine. Structure your day, and their day, and stick to it. Include plenty of breaks. Afternoon rest/reading time was non-negotiable when my kids were home.
Reserve screen time for children for times when you are on a call or need some uninterrupted time.
Create Boredom Beater boxes for your children. Fill them with goodies or a surprise or quiet activities.
Organize tasks to suit your capabilities. I’m more creative in the morning, so that’s when I write. I save the afternoon for interruptible tasks.
Make social media a little harder to dive into.
For example, don’t open your Facebook tab unless you’re taking a break.
Don’t be too hard on yourself! It can take a while to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. But you’ll figure it out.

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