Why does the word “downsizing” sound like such a disappointment?

Maybe because when a company downsizes it means money problems and the loss of jobs. The result of being downsized at work means you have to downsize at home.

But downsizing doesn’t have to be such a taboo. Voluntary downsizing can be a great thing! Even when downsizing is a necessity rather than a choice, it can turn out for the good.

I love what Jen Hatmaker had to say about the blessings of downsizing in the guest blog she wrote for my blog last month.

“Seven taught us that we can reduce, live with less, treat the earth and its inhabitants with integrity, and sacrifice none of the good parts of the story. In fact, there is a better story than we ever imagined. Evidently, there is more than the American Dream. Jesus has invited us into a radical, exciting, dangerous, and unpredictable adventure, becoming Good News to the poor and proclaiming release for the captives.” For more about Jen listen to her Amish Wisdom interview here.

Start out small.

Luv in the Mommyhood

Take a closet or room per month. Dig through the drawers and look through the boxes. Did you find anything you forgot you had? Find something you haven’t used in the past year? Do you really need it? Chances are, you can probably throw it away, recycle it, or donate it. If your budget has been downsized for you, have a yard sale to help make up the difference. You might be surprised how quickly the pile of things will grow – and in turn the money!

Whether a parent is transitioning to a retirement center, you’re moving because of a job, or the kids have gone off to college, all can be opportunities to free yourself of “stuff.” Unlike cleaning the bathrooms, I find cleaning out drawers and closets to get rid of clutter to be therapeutic.

For many more tips, tricks and resources for downsizing every part of your life, check out “downsizing” on Pinterest. (Everything from clothes, to closets, to kid’s toys, sewing rooms, books (gasp) and much more!)

Downsizing can be a great opportunity for your family to grow closer relationships and be an adventure for all.

What about you? What are your thoughts or experiences on downsizing?

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