I love being the new wife of my husband Caleb, and I love taking care of the beautiful little home the Lord has blessed us with. Playing with the space has become an ongoing hobby of mine since our marriage last summer and we moved into student housing at the local college.

I find myself organizing and re-organizing constantly, and I really enjoy it. There is just something satisfying knowing that your home is in order. Sometimes it can be challenging trying to find a place for everything when your home is small. But in the short time that we have been married, there are a few things that I have found to work in our home when it comes to organizing.


First, we use lots of containers. Containers have become one of my best friends since moving into our lovely little apartment. I have them stashed everywhere from the refrigerator in our kitchen to the closet in our bedroom. I would label them if I could. I think that the more specific that you can be with your containers, the better.


Secondly, we organize by color. It’s a little thing, but it makes such a big difference (especially in a small space).


Clear Out-

Thirdly, I go through our home once a week – every other week at the latest – to straighten cabinets/containers, rearrange, and purge. Anything that doesn’t get used is gone. This keeps things from building up and getting out of hand.



Lastly, I try to keep our home clean. When I say that, I don’t mean “surface” clean. I mean “deep” clean. This doesn’t take much time or effort. I keep a little basket in our bathroom with a dusting wand, clorox wipes, air freshener, etc. Whenever I get a chance, I can do quick touch-ups around the house with these products so close one hand. This keeps the house staying fresh. Even on nights when there are work/school books sprawled across the living room, or shoes and jackets stacked up by the door. When the house is clean, it changes everything.


I am Brittney: ardent coffee lover-health food junky-wife to Caleb-sinner saved by grace. Find me on my blog Meet the Meltons





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