One of my favorite books growing up was Little House in the Big Woods. I loved the images that my mind’s eye visualized of the Ingalls’ sweet small home.

From the comfort of my own bed and bedroom, it was easy to romanticize the idea of everyone in a one room home, baking and cooking over the fire in the huge fireplace, and later bundled under layers of blankets in the dead of winter to stay warm.

Laura made it sound so sweet and wonderful. I don’t recall a single argument or shouting match being mentioned.

I would love to know Ma and Pa’s secret for keeping the peace.

Small spaces can be difficult and bring out issues that may not otherwise occur in a larger space.

The fact is, by today’s standards, we live in the same sort of space.

Oh, we may be spoiled by our HVAC, indoor plumbing and other modern conveniences, but our living space is quite similar in size to the Ingalls.

Last year I wrote a post briefly addressing our living situation. At that time, I had planned on writing a series addressing some of how we make our small space work, but if I’m honest, I got caught up in a touch of embarrassment and fear.



We live in a two bedroom home, with 4 children.

Wait! Isn’t your blog called “Living the Life Fantastic”?! What’s so freaking fantastic about that??

We have no choice at this point. Randy purchased the home to flip, right before the housing market crashed and before he knew he’d have a family. We are underwater in this housing market. (Ironically, the house was 3 [very tiny] bedrooms, and he converted it to 2 shortly before we met)

We plan on making interior changes and building on in the near future, but for now, this is what we have.



Some days it’s difficult. Most days, it’s an amazing blessing.

Our children have bonded in such a way that I had thought I could only wish for. They are ‘besties’, and I firmly believe that this sharing of space has taught them more about sharing and respect than I ever could have, left to my own devices, in any other situation.

I am grateful for this time.

And with so many wishing they had a home at all, I am unbelievably grateful for this tiny space we inhabit.



Karla Porter (soon-to-be Archer) is a mama to 4 littles, a technophile, a writer, idea generator, and a graphic designer. Her life can be pretty messy and chaotic, but never boring. She takes “being odd” as a compliment. She’s always danced to a different beat, rather than dancing to the beat everyone else is dancing to. It’s not always graceful. Or flowing… Her mama and daddy always knew she was strong-willed. Prior to joining forces with Randy, Karla ran Fruition Designs, an online graphic design boutique. She created the original Mommy Cards, which were featured on parenting sites all over the internet. Originally specializing in print design, her leap into the blog world in 2005 made the decision to take on web design an easy one. She and her 4 littles have recently relocated to Birmingham, AL, where they are Living the Life Fantastic with Randy.

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