Last week, after my son’s college graduation in Illinois, I drove over to Iowa for some library book events and to meet with some Amish families, plus see their communities. Lots of differences to observe! Black top buggies, no scooters or bicycles allowed. Prayer coverings for women were more modest than the Lancaster “heart” style. It covered up ears and went nearly to the forehead/hairline. (“Two fingers” distance, my Amish friend said.) That might fit with something else I heard–Buchanan County, Iowa, is known to have very conservative Old Order Amish churches. Seven churches in a radius of about 7 miles by 7 miles.  The schoolhouses were the biggest surprise–two towns of Buchanan County agreed to provide public schoolhouses (one or two rooms), but the teachers had to be certified English teachers. Some teachers came to one of my library events; I turned the tables on the talk and tried to learn as much as I could about their life work among the Amish. Fascinating! Stay tuned for another blog post soon on that topic…

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