A week or so ago, I was invited to the holiday luncheon for Guide Dogs for the Blind, held at the St. Francis Hotel in Union Square (oh-so-posh!).

Such a wonderful event—celebrating the work of partnering a well-loved, well-socialized, well-trained dog with a visually impaired individual. You could have heard a pin drop in the large banquet room as speaker Tom Kowalski shared his story of waking up one morning with a strange headache—the first indicator he had a rare eye disease and would soon lose his sight. A hard journey lay ahead of Tom, but it was made much easier when Tom went to Guide Dogs for the Blind to be partnered with Dynamo, a big, mellow yellow lab.

Kudos to the St. Francis Hotel for letting many, many GDB dogs and puppies come along to the lunch. Toffee, my half-golden, half-lab breeder for GDB, came along with me. She was a hit; she was even recognized on the busy streets of San Francisco by some GDB staffers.

Toffee loved it. 🙂


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