A few weeks ago, I posted some pix about ideas to jazz up a table top for a bridal shower. I promised pix about the actual bridal shower, too! The bride is Lindsey, daughter of Katrina, who is one of my dearest friends. This family used to live around the corner from me and Katrina was my go-to friend whenever I needed an egg or a cup of sugar. (My dogs still swerve toward Katrina’s driveway to say hello when we go on a walk! Sad!)

I’ve known Lindsey since she was a little girl and have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. One of the most “wow” moments was when she chose to spend a year, after high school, to serve in a mission in Africa. She brought me back an African broom, which I still have! (Note the pix of the chalkboard.)

Years ago, I remember driving carpool when Lindsey was in junior high and thinking to myself, “Hmmmm, Lindsey would make a terrific teacher.” Lo and behold, that’s the path she chose! She’s an elementary school teacher in southern California. An excellent one!

Lindsey and Drew met in college; you could see, early on, that this was a special relationship. He’s a wonderful guy! I’m excited for their wedding in July, and to celebrate this next new chapter of their life. It’s been a privilege to be a part of this family’s life.

Anyway…I’m rambling along when you came here for the pix! So here they are…


















Do you have some special young people (nearly-relatives kind of people) in your life? Children you’ve watched grow up, prayed over, and celebrated with as they’ve reached new chapters in their life? It’s such a privilege! Please tell us your story (just a sentence or two!) in the comment section below for a chance to win a signed copy of a book. Thanks for sharing!

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