A friend of ours from our Hong Kong years visited us last week. During dinner one evening, Henry told us about his childhood. His parents had divorced when he was young and his father exited the scene. “He was not a good guy,” Henry said.

Growing up without a father left a hole in Henry’s childhood. “But one day I realized that God had protected me with my father’s absence,” Henry said. “I think it would have been far worse to have been emotionally damaged by an abusive father than to just not have him around.”betterpath

What struck me about Henry’s perspective was that he had found a way to come to peace with a less than ideal situation. By doing so, he let his father “off the hook” and discovered God’s love for him from a different angle.

Henry is an amazing husband and father. His fatherless childhood did not stop him from growing into the man God called him to be.

How does this fit into the simple life? Don’t we all know people who spend much of their energy blaming others for their less than ideal circumstances? I sure do.

Henry chose a better path. Simpler, healthier, happier.

Was there a time in your life when you knowingly chose the “better” path? What did you learn from that choice?

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