Aren’t simple pleasures the very best ones?

Little things that don’t really cost a thing (or not much, anyway), but they are tremendously satisfying. They help us slow down and live “in the moment,” to fully appreciate our life. Most simple pleasures seem to be connected with appreciating nature, it seems. Here is a small list of the little things that bring me joy:

Tomatoes from the garden.
Walking the dog on a summer morning.
Listening to classical music.
Good coffee.
A great book.
Popcorn and an old movie on DVD.
The smell of fresh-cut grass.
Watching the sunrise.
Walking on the beach.
A gentle morning run.
Watching the sunset.
Hugging your child tightly.
Dark chocolate.
Laughing until your sides ache.
A long conversation with a good friend.
Root beer float.
Waking to a clean house.
An uncluttered room.
Watching your child play.
Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.
Helping someone in need.
Making someone smile.
Homemade pie.
A nature hike.
Laying back and watching the stars.
Watching your children on Christmas morning.
Laying back and looking up at clouds.
Watching the ocean.
Reese’s peanut butter cups. Right out of the freezer.
Iced tea.
Taking a hot bath on a winter night.
A gentle breeze.
The feeling after a good workout.
Checking something off your to-do list.
Writing on good paper with a good pen.
A clear desk.
Fresh popped popcorn.
A fresh snow.
Swinging on a swing.
Homemade strawberry shortcake.
Watching animals in nature.
An empty email inbox.

Send me a few of your simple pleasures and you could win a copy of Amish Values for Your Family! I’ll share a list of your favorite things next Tuesday and announce the winner! Once you start . . . you can’t stop. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing.”

The winner of last week’s giveaway is LISA COWELL! Please email info {at} suzannewoodsfisher {dot} com to claim your prize.

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