A gentle breeze, dark chocolate, iced tea, fresh snow . . . last week I listed a few of life’s simple pleasures and asked you to shares some of your favorite things with me. What a great list we’ve compiled! (Isn’t it hard to stop once you start!?). Thanks for sharing!

Sitting in the shade of a tall, leafy tree on a summer day
Chatting with friends’
Riding my bike
Tree climbing
A laughing child on a swing
Family & friends enjoying my home-cooked meals
Eating cookie dough
A butterfly flitting around
Having grandsons visit
Walking on the beach at sunrise or sunset
Picking up seashells and sea glass on a beach walk
Playing with kitties and watching them chase things in their dreams
The sound of rain on a tin or metal roof
The smell of the earth after it rains
Having people enjoy food I’ve prepared
The smell of bed linens dried on the clothesline
The scent of pine woods in the rain
A starry night filled with fireflies.
Hot cocoa on a cold, snowy day
The sounds of waterfalls and creeks
Everyone safe at home at the end of the day
Sitting on the porch listening to crickets
Moments with my kids, laughing and joking
My kids’ happiness after a successful lemonade stand
Enjoying a movie and popcorn with my family
Reading a good book while I walk
Reading God’s word
Cooking with my husband
Spending time alone with God and listening for him to speak
The quietness of the day before others are awake while I thank and praise God
The freedoms we have in the United States of America
The satisfaction of having newly cleaned windows
Time to sit and read on the porch with a gentle breeze blowing, air conditioner humming
Teaching children at Vacation Bible School
Talking to my mom on the phone
I enjoy flowers and I love to go to Lowe’s and buy the ones they have discarded for a cheap price and nursing them back to health
Getting a manicure and pedicure

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