Say, have you heard the latest scuttlebutt?
And did you know the word ‘scuttlebutt‘ originated from a life at sea? Sailors would gather around an open cask of drinking water, a scuttled butt, and chat. Kind of like a 19th century version of the office water cooler.
So here’s my scuttlebutt…Phoebe’s Light will release in less than a month!
It’s a story of a young Nantucket Quaker woman who longs for a life of adventure and romance, and gets exactly what she wants. (And we all know how dangerous that can be!)
To celebrate the launch of Phoebe’s Light, here are the EXCLUSIVE BONUSES you can get if you pre-order the book:
  • The “Lost Chapter” — Meet Phoebe Starbuck at a very vulnerable moment
  • Five frame-able photos of Quaker Nantucket. Breathtaking views of Nantucket with timeless Quaker proverbs
  • The untold story of Mary Coffin Starbuck: A behind-the-curtain peek at the dynamic 17th century woman who sparked this series
  • “Not to be confused: Quakers are not Amish.” A fascinating comparison of two distinctive communities of faith
The BONUSES will only be available for a limited time. After you order your copy of Phoebe’s Light, keep your receipt nearby and click here to claim your bonuses! Super easy.  Super worth it!

Phoebe’s Light is half-off on Amazon (only $8!) for prime members right now and also only $8 at CBD

Click here to grab your copy today!  And thank you

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