Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher wrote her first novel in sixth grade, about Pompeii, a dog, and the erupting volcano (terrible ending!) and, from that point on, she was hooked on the writing life. Curiously, she doesn’t remember anyone, ever, telling her she was a talented writer. She just loved to write. (And she worked hard at the craft. She still does.)

College happened, work, then marriage, children, a sprinkling of corporate transfers, and Suzanne kept plugging away at freelancing for several magazines. (Four kids = lots of great material.)

As her children headed off to college, Suzanne had the time to get serious about writing. She wrote a little World War II love story, Copper Star, which was published by Vinspire, a small royalty press. The novel won some awards, and it also caught the eye of a wonderful agent. And that’s when things started to happen.

Joyce Hart of the Hartline Literary Agency knew of an editor at Revell Books who was looking for an author who had a genuine connection to the Plain People. Knowing that Suzanne’s grandfather was raised Plain, Joyce connected her to that editor. The result was Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World, a finalist for the ECPA Book of the Year.

Thirty-some books later (in a variety of genres—historical fiction, contemporary women’s, and Amish fiction), Suzanne is still writing for that same editor at Revell Books. And she still loves to write.

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