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I love to compost. It appeals to my practical nature: We compost about 50% of our kitchen waste. But it also appeals to my spiritual interests: Amazing to think that rubbish + the right conditions + time = dark, rich soil amendment. Something beneficial transformed out of garbage! The ultimate recycling.

Anyone can compost. My friend Carol used to dig a hole in a dormant part of her garden and toss in the egg shells, banana peels and coffee grounds. That’s called passive composting. My friend Diane takes composting to another level. She has two bins, and stirs the compost to make sure air is circulating. As she lifts the lid of her compost, steam rises up. Perfect!

I’m in between Carol and Diane. I have one big bin in the hottest corner of the garden, and toss things in throughout the summer and fall. I have a big plastic bowl in the kitchen sink to hold the kitchen wastes. Each day, I empty it in the bin. I usually leave the bin alone until spring, then I shovel the black gold into the vegetable beds and start again.


photo credit: Compost

Here are some big facts to pique your interest in composting:

If you’re interested in giving it a try, and I hope you will, there is a lot of compost info to be found on-line. Google Composting 101 to get started.

If you do start a compost, or if you are a composter, let me know how it’s going! Share in the comment section below for the chance to win a copy of Amish Values for Your Family.

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