Reusable Shopping Bags

My favorite is my Downton Abbey one from Cost Plus.totebag

It’s taken me a while to get in the habit of taking reusable shopping bags into the store. It helped when the town I do most of my shopping in started to charge 5 cents a bag! There are still times when I have to run back out to the car, but more often than not, I remember to bring them with me. A changed behavior!
Obviously, it’s great to save the environment from millions of plastic bags, but there are other reasons to use reusable shopping bags:

  • They hold  much more than paper or plastic bags which means fewer trips in and out of the house carrying groceries
  • The handles never rip off and spill your groceries everywhere
  • They are super easy to carry (I can even put them over my shoulders)
  • They are washable if something spills

I’m assuming many of you have access to free, or very frugal, reusable shopping bags at your local stores, but just in case, here’s an Amazon.com link to a boatload of different types and styles of reusable shopping bags.



Another favorite is Netflix. We get our money’s worth out of our monthly subscription. Our latest find is “Doc Martin,” a British series about a surgeon who suddenly has a phobia about blood.

Extra-large 3×5 Post-it-notes

I should be getting dividends from 3M because I use their post-it products so much…

I love making lists, and I love sticking post-it notes on our kitchen cupboards. They act as gentle minders for a certain newly retired husband’s to-do list. Works pretty well until we have company over and I forget to take them down. Then, it’s embarrassing.


Post-it Page Markers

I stick tabs in books as I read. After I finish the book, I’ll go back through those tabs. I note new vocabulary words, things I’d like to remember, an interesting description, clever use of humor, research, things to ponder. My children have told me that after I have gone to my Great Reward, they will always think of me when they see Page Markers. So sweet.


OK, I think that’s enough for this month!

Anything new for you on my list? Or do you have any “favorite things” you think I’d like to try? Leave them in the comment section!

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