Our Alphabet of Obsolete is complete! Take a look below for a walk down memory lane. Thank you for joining in the fun and sharing some of the things you think are scarce these days!

A – Audio tapes (Sharon McClendon Henning)
B – Bottle openers (Terri Kalmbach)
C – Carbon paper (Pam Kowal)
D – Dialing your phone numbers (Judy Smith Moseley MacLaren)
E – Eight track tapes (Karen Johnson)
F – Film projectors (Nancy Dunne Key)
G – Green stamps (Val Link)
H – Human relations (Mary Shipman)

I – Index Cards at Libraries (Regina F.)
J – Jukebox (Natalie J. Vandenberghe)
K – Kick the Can (Darlene Miller McFalls)
L –  Letter writing (Val Link)
M – Mimeograph (Jennifer Dunkelberger Pederson)
N – Newsboys (Jeni Lee)
O – Ozone (Linda Marier Finn)
P – Playing Jacks (Carol Carman)

Q – Quill feather pens (Pam McPherson)
R – Rotary dial phones ( Amy Bateman)
S – Shorthand (Sonja)
T – Telegraph (Brenda Sterne)
U – Unicycles (Wendy Bailey)
V – Victrola (Joanne Richel)
W – Walkmans (Ruth Hill)
X – Xylophone (Laura Shuck)
Y – Yardstick (Irene Menge)
Z – Zoot suits (Kathy Watts)

What item are you glad is obsolete? Or what invention do you miss? Share in the comment section for a chance to win a copy of Amish Values for your Family!

Congratulations to the winner of  last week’s Friday Fun, Brenda Sterne! Email your mailing address to to claim your prize.

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