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Welcome to Amish Wisdom. This week we’ll have three guests on the show. The first half hour will feature guest host Rhonda Schrock who will be interviewing author and illustrator, Ingrid Hess. Ingrid has a delightful new book out called An Amish Alphabet. Then during the second half of the show I’ll be sitting down with Christa Black, author of God Loves Ugly. She’ll be sharing her inspiring message and personal story.

Leave a comment {HERE} for a chance to win a copy of either guests’ book. Winner will be notified next week via email.

More about Rhonda Schrock: Rhonda Schrock is the mother of 4 sons, ages 6 to 22. She and her family live in Northern Indiana. She is a telecommuting medical transcriptionist and the writer of the weekly column, “Grounds for Insanity,” which appears in The Goshen News.  A prolific blogger, she’s written professionally for Bethel College while contributing to parenting and humor blogs and maintaining her own.  She appears twice monthly on Suzanne Woods Fisher’s website and writes once monthly for Sherry Gore, author and founder of “Cooking & Such” magazine. Rhonda is also the editor of “Cooking & Such,” and her column is featured there regularly.  You can find her at www.RhondaSchrock.com.

More about Indrid Hess: Ingrid Hess is an illustrator, graphic designer, and graphic design professor living in Rochester, New York. The simplicity in her work is heavily influenced by her Amish and Mennonite heritage; the bright colors and patterns are inspired by art from Costa Rica, where she lived for four years as a child.

Ingrid holds an MFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University with an emphasis in the book arts and has worked in the publishing industry since 1996. Her dual passions of design and illustration work well together and help her tell stories through pictures. Her research focuses on economic justice as a way to bring peace to the world.

Ingrid is author and illustrator of Herald Press titles Sleep in Peace (2008 Rodda Book Award winner) and Walk in Peace. She also wrote Think Fair Trade First in which she seeks to empower children to understand that they can make a difference in the world. Learn more about Ingrid here.

More about An Amish AlphabetA is for Amish; B is for barn raising; C is for church. What is it like to be Amish? In this delightful and whimsical full-color book, author and illustrator Ingrid Hess offers an entertaining yet informative introduction to Amish faith and life. In a style that will capture the imaginations of children and adults alike, Hess takes readers behind the scenes and invites them to think about living out faith in new ways.

More about Christa Black: Christa Black is a popular blog author, speaker, and singer/songwriter whose songs have been recorded by multi-platinum-selling artists Jordin Sparks and Michael W. Smith. She has toured with The Jonas Brothers, Michael W. Smith, and Jennifer Knapp. Christa lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and rescue dog, Nala. GOD LOVES UGLY is her first book and corresponds with her CD/Album God Loves Ugly. Learn more about Christa at her website, www.christablack.com.

More about God Loves Ugly: DO YOU EVER LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND HATE WHAT YOU SEE? Your eyes can lie. Rejection, shame, and self-hatred can poison perceptions and hinder us from seeing and believing what’s actually true. In GOD LOVES UGLY Christa Black shares her personal victory against powerful adversaries–her thoughts, feelings, and reflection. From world-touring stadium performer to rehab-bound bulimic binge eater, Christa’s unashamed transparency will win your heart, hold your attention, and give you practical tools to overcome the monsters that can consume our lives. She invites the reader into her own painful struggles and spiritual journey, providing solutions to life’s problems in a highly entertaining and vulnerable, yet empowering way. You were made to live free. Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder, depression, addiction, or just feeling a little insecure, GOD LOVES UGLY will shift the way you think, motivate permanent change, and inspire your heart to find peace.

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