Wow! I don’t know if you were able to make it to last night’s Facebook Party or Live Video Chat or not, but I had such a fun time answering questions and connecting with readers.

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If you were at the party last night and missed the announcements of who won the prizes – go here for that.

And … if you were curious about the answers to the Trivia contest – here they are:

Amish/Natural Remedies True or False?

These are all true! I didn’t want to mislead anyone. They’re taken out of an Amish remedy book I have.

1. If you suffer from hay fever, chew on local honeycomb.

2. You can put honey on a bee sting for pain relief.

3. For a sore throat, mix 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup water, ½ tsp cayenne pepper, 2 T honey.

4. Use Vitamin E oil on chicken pox to keep them from itching. If you don’t have Vitamin E, use olive oil.

5. To enable yourself to think more clearly, eat 3 pecan halves daily.

6. Applying honey to a wound is an old remedy. Weary German soldiers on the battlefield in World War I used honey on their wounds to heal quickly.

7. For slivers that are impossible to get out, finely grate some raw carrots and put them on the affected area until the sliver is out.

8. For car sickness, sip ginger tea before starting out.

9. Garlic can keep your mental edge sharp. Eat 1-3 cloves of garlic each day dipped in honey or chocolate.

10. If you’re unable to sleep, drink a cup of hot milk, take a teaspoon of honey or take calcium 30 minutes to 1 hour before going to bed.

How well do you know Suzanne?

1. Suzanne’s favorite sport is tennis.

True! I love playing tennis. I’m not great at it, but it makes me feel like I’m ten again!

2. She holds a brown belt in karate and is working toward her black belt.

Totally false. Totally, totally false.

3. Suzanne’s husband is an Ice Cream Maker extraordinaire.

True! He is! He’s crazy about gourmet ice cream making. On Vanilla Recipe #58. I wish I could send some to you! His ice cream is truly delicious.

4. Suzanne has four children, two boys and two girls. They provide most of the material for her writing.

Oh, so very, very true.

5. Suzanne lived in Japan for four years.

False! We did live in Hong Kong for four years and when we returned, we were asked how our Japanese was.

AND BONUS Super Duper Trivia Questions

1. How many grandchildren does Suzanne have?

1 1/2. Yup! 1.5. New baby due on Christmas Eve, Lord willin’!

2. If you’ve been to the Welcome to Suzanne’s World part of the website…what is moving in the pages?

Horse and buggy, water, clouds, bird

And if you haven’t been to that part of the website yet, please go check it out! It’s just beautiful. I promise it will make you smile and cause your blood pressure to drop ten points.

How did you do?

I know you’re all eager to find out who won the eReaders during The Haven giveaway. The four winners are:

  • Linda Dowdy from Oklahoma
  • Tiffany Vanick from Illinois
  • John Gems from Illinois
  • Carissa Azbell from Florida

They’ve each won their choice of a Kindle Fire or a Nook Color! (If that’s your name listed there – congrats! Contact and give her your mailing address!)

Thank you so much for celebrating with me and giving  the “The Haven” a successful launch! You’re the ones who put it on the bestseller list, you’re the ones who make this author gig so much fun. Thanks for sharing your lives with me here on the blog, on Facebook and twitter and at the Facebook parties! You’re the best! Just…the best.

Lots more excitement coming up in the month of September, so check back on my website and FB page for updates.


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