Book One in the new Amish Beginnings

Book One in the new Amish Beginnings

In early March, Anna’s Crossing will release, a book of historical fiction based on the true story of the first group of Amish who crossed the Atlantic Ocean on the Charming Nancy ship. There’s a scant amount of research about that 1737 voyage: a portion of a diary, a ship’s passenger list. So I visited four historical ship museums, interviewed a few Amish historians, and studied books about sixteenth century ocean crossings. And then came the fun—weaving a love story into those basic facts. The result, I think, is one of my best books, and I hope you’ll agree.

If you might be willing to send out ten stamped postcards about Anna’s Crossing to your reader friends, I would be very grateful! You’re reaching readers on my behalf. And as a thank you, your name will be entered into a giveaway for one of two signed copies of Anna’s Crossing (only US addresses are eligible). Fill out this form below, and we’ll get you the postcards soon!


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