My little 11-month-old granddaughter Annie received a beautiful one-of-a-kind baby blanket from a very talented family friend. She had no pattern, other than her talent and imagination. Wow, wow, wow. It’s made up of a combo of knitting and crochet, using unique yarns. There’s something about this blanket that just speaks to me. I call it the Psalm 23 baby blanket.


Inspired, I decided to re-create it (or at least try). Here’s the thing…I don’t know how to knit. Or crochet. But…what I don’t know, I don’t know.

So I bought knitting needles, yarn (not quite as appealing as the original but as close as I could get), and watched a lot of YouTube videos. A lot. (Wow…YouTube tutorials are a great resource! Here’s what I’ve learned–the shorter ones are usually the better ones.)



It’s been fun to just plow ahead, mistakes and all. (I’ve had lots.)


Last week, I finished the basic blanket. Had to watch another YouTube video to “cast off.” (Remember, this is all new for me.)



Now, the challenging design parts begin. Yesterday, I bought some crochet hooks, yarn, borrowed a book from a friend, and last night I watched new you tube videos on crocheting. It’s harder than knitting, I think. Plus, I’m starting crochet with the oh-so-complicated bobble stitch. Yup. Crazy.

But I’m determined to keep going, and to enjoy the process of learning something new. I’ll add updates now and then! My four-year-old granddaughter, Reagan, came over for lunch today and immediately asked to see the progress on my knitting project. That gave me a smile.

And I am constantly drawn back to the skill and artistic sense of the maker of the original baby blanket. She’s a wonder!

What about you? First, do you knit or crochet? Quilt and sew? Any work-in-progress right now?

Even better, what new skill would you like to learn?

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