The winner of last week’s photo caption contest was Karen G. for her witty: “Fed Ex just got Fed Up!” Karen, if you’ll send me your mailing address, I’ll pop an Amish Wisdom bag in the mail to you.

Thanks to everyone for chiming in with wit and wisdom. It was hard to pick just one!

On a personal note…

My family has a big change coming up this week. My youngest son, Tad, is moving to Honduras to work for a company based in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. A lot of prayer has gone into this decision. A lot! I’m excited for this expat adventure for him… and also wrestling with God over trusting Him with the safety and well-being of my son.

In case you didn’t know…Honduras is on the State Department’s list of DO NOT TRAVEL countries.

TRUST is my anchor word for the year. Every time anxiety sneaks up on me (and it is so darn sneaky!), I want to exercise a habit of replacing the anxious thought with one of trusting God. I have an index card filled with biblical verses of God’s protection. What a difference it makes–to take my thoughts and prayers upward and hand them over to God to transform. When I do, peace covers me like a blanket. (Phil. 4:7)

Have you had a similar experience in which God s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d your faith over your kids’ choices? Would love to hear from you! And if you have a prayer to spare, I’d be grateful if you kept my son Tad in your prayers.

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