Yesterday, I sent out a newsletter to let my readers know that my mom passed away, very unexpectedly, last weekend. She took a nap on Saturday afternoon and never woke up–a sweet and gentle passing. The last phone conversation we’d had ended with an “I love you.” It never dawned on me that those would be the last words we’d say to each other. I’m so so glad.

A reader, Carolyn from Indiana, responded with a beautiful story about her own family. I asked her if I could share it with you, and she was gracious to answer with a speedy yes!

I can totally relate to telling your love ones how much you love them. When my children were younger I taught them to make sure that they said “I Love You” at the end of every telephone conversation. One day I heard my middle child and youngest getting snippy with each other on the phone, but I smiled when I heard them say “I Love You” before they end their phone call. My middle son got teased by a couple of his friends when he told me that he loved me on the phone. He gentle told them that if anything ever happen to him he wanted to make sure he knew that he loved me. In fact his friends stated to follow his example.

In our family we tell each other we love them each night before we go to bed, when we leave the house, at end of phone calls and even text messages.

Isn’t that a wonderful example? To all of us!

I’d love to hear more stories like Carolyn R’s. There’s so much to learn from those who are doing it right. We might not be doing everything right, but we do get some things right. Please share in comments!

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