Last week, my sister’s dogs came for a visit while she and her husband were on a vacation. My sister Wendy has been involved with Guide Dogs for the Blind, too. She’s had two dogs become guides (Two for two is pretty amazing! The graduation rate for a puppy becoming a guide is around 50%.) The older black dog in the pictures is Galena. She’s half golden retriever, half black lab. She was my second puppy in training. Galena got this close to becoming a guide but was dropped because she was a little too body sensitive. My sister didn’t have a dog at the time and I was already training another pup, so she adopted Galena. A great match! Galena shadows Wendy everywhere.

The other black lab is Fleur, a breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind. She is three years old but thinks she’s six months old. VERY funny pup! She likes to be involved in everything. Everything. If I bent over to pick something up, her cold nose was right in my face. Fleur gets so excited about life (as in, getting fed) that she kind of levitates in the air for a few seconds. Remarkable skill.

You might recognize the other two yellows: Tess (golden retriever) and Toffee, her daughter (half lab, half golden). They’re both breeders for Guide Dogs for the Blind. I’m their breeder custodian.

This might look like it’s easy . . . but I had to have a dog biscuit in one hand to get their attention and a camera in the other.

Galena’s kind of in charge of everybody.

Not sure what they’re talking about here . . . probably “What’s for dinner?”

All in all, we had a good week. No rain and no disasters and the dogs got along beautifully. Only time I cringed was during mealtimes. Imagine balancing four bowls of dog food and trying to open a door with four enthusiastic big dogs tangling up your feet. Not for the faint of heart!

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