I took a trip last month to see my little grandchildren! Had a sunny couple of days in Seattle…which was AMAZING! Just look at that snow capped mountain…


One of the first things I like to do when I’m visiting my little Seattle family is to cook for them, and stock the freezer with delicious dinners. So the morning I arrived, I took Blake and Kaitlyn to the grocery store. Look what we found!


Isn’t it weird looking? Like a dinosaur egg. It’s called a jack fruit. A relative to durian (if anyone has traveled in Asia, you know what durian is! Smells so bad that it’s not allowed on public buses). Jack fruit doesn’t have a bad small, but it does have a weird thick armadillo-ish skin. It grows in Southeast Asia. This whole one would’ve set me back about $70.

A very nice produce guy showed us a slice of jack fruit. This is how it would be sold–in chunks. The inside is a little bit melon-like. Kind of tasted like a mild mango. Blake, as you can see, thought it was disgusting.


When we got home, Blake showed me his newest toy–bubble maker! Ah, simple pleasures.


I was visiting right before Anna’s Crossing released, so I had some promotion work to do. Blake and Kaitlyn helped me find interesting places for Levi and Leroy to travel to.


What’s a grandmother’s visit without cookie making? We whipped up a batch of Chocolate Blossom cookies. Blake and Kaitlyn had a high level of interest in making sure the tin foil was off the little Hershey kisses. Pretty sure a few of those kisses went missing.



Each day, after naps, we hit the local playground.


My daughter and I made a quick Target run…which could never be quick enough with two busy preschoolers.


We had a lot of coloring to do. A lot.


I love being a part of my grandchildren’s lives. The week, as always, went too fast. But happily… they are coming to my house this Friday! Can. Not. Wait.


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