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Welcome Barbara Roose, author of Enough Already, to Dreams Coming True!  Leave a comment on this post to enter to win a copy of Barb’s book.

Tell about yourself and what inspired you to write Enough Already:

Barb RooseA few years ago, I had coffee with a friend whose husband had left her. As we talked, she said something that I would never forget: “I always knew that I wasn’t beautiful.”

Her words broke my heart.

In my 10 years as a speaker, I’ve discovered that women are so quick to love and accept others, but equally as quick to criticize themselves. I believe that if you give a woman a mirror and just 30-seconds, that she will look into that mirror and tell you all of her flaws. Frankly, even after you pry that mirror out of her hand, she’ll continue listing all of the areas where she feels “less than.”

Every woman wants to look in the mirror and find peace and satisfaction with what she sees. She wants to look deep into her own eyes and know for certain that she is enough already, not matter her size, shape or style.

I believe that’s possible. This is why I wrote Enough Already: Winning Your Ugly Struggle with Beauty.

In July 2013, I met Abingdon Press’ publisher, Pamela Clements at conference hosted by P31 and Lysa TerKeurst. As I awaited the final book contract negotiations to be completed, I wanted to find a way to connect with women on the topic of beauty, both inner and outer beauty. I wanted to know how women really felt about themselves and how beauty has impacted their lives.

In October 2013, I launched the “Created with Curves” survey, which included questions like:

  • If you were standing in front of the mirror, how would you describe yourself?
  • What is your definition of “beautiful”?
  • How would you rate the various parts of your body?
  • Do you believe that you are beautiful?

Over 525 women around the world completed the survey. I was stunned, but blessed by women who willingly shared their ugly struggle with beauty. Stories about how women criticized themselves because a parent or kid on the playground questioned their value or trashed some aspect of their appearance. My eyes overflowed with tears as women confessed that they’ve dreamed of being beautiful, but have never believed that was possible.

The survey cemented my conviction that God wanted me to tackle this topic and write the book. Yet, there were many who didn’t really understand why I would tackle the topic. Here’s what people often say to women who don’t like their size, shape or style: “Just get over it.”Enough Already

Here’s the thing: women aren’t just getting over it. How they feel about their size, shape or style has an impact on their hearts and minds as well as how they interact with the world.

I never wanted my ugly struggle with beauty to be the only voice. Since the Created with Curves survey provided amazing data and stories, I leveraged the information to adjust my chapter outline and illustrations. The stories of the women in the survey were so diverse, so after I wrote each chapter, I would imagine how different women in the survey would react or interact with the content.

My prayer was that every woman reading the book could connect with someone’s story. It’s so powerful when we connect, even if just on paper. The sense that we are not alone in our ugly struggle with beauty brings such hope!

I also wanted to give women opportunities to connect together as they read. So, each chapter includes discussion questions for women to use in a traditional small group setting or these questions can be talked about between two friends over a cup of coffee. I also love the idea of doing Google Hangouts if friends live in different cities or states.

As this book finally makes it way into the hands of my readers, I’m trying to remember my father’s wise advise: Honey, God gave you the dream to write this book. You put the time and effort into writing it. You’ve done your best with what God has given you. Now, it’s time to walk away and leave everything else up to God.

If you’d like to know more about this project or you’d like to connect me on social media, check out BarbRoose.com/enoughalready or follow me on Twitter (@barbroose).

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