I met Deb Coty at the Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center, during their amazing writers’ conference. One of God’s gift from that conference was that Deb and I were put together as roommates, and then became writer-buddies. We live on opposite ends of the country, but our friendship grew and grew! She’s had tremendous success as a writer and recently hit a significant milestone–over one million copies sold! Her imagination is vivid, her humor hits the mark, and her writing is sublime. I’m thrilled to share her with all of you! 

Deb’s newest book feels like peeking into a diary of someone you admire, reading oh-so-vulnerable moments that make you sigh in relief. She comes alongside moms with delicious humor, gently steering them to rely on God’s promises to make something wonderful out of something fizzled and frazzled.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Present

by Deb Coty

Feeling like you’re totally Mom-Mom-Mom’ed out?

Or so stressed, you’re a ticking mom-bomb?

I so get that. It’s only because you’re an overworked, over-tapped, over-sucked-out mother who’s barely treading water in the stress-pool of life. We moms constantly deal with unexpected disruptions, overflows, explosions, implosions, boo-boos, bodily fluids not our own, emergencies that aren’t, emergencies that are, and uncharted potholes that careen us off our preferred path. It’s all it’s part of the job description. Our reward may not be Mother of the Year. It may not be hugs and kisses. It may not be here on earth at all (I’m hoping it’ll be a maid and cook for all eternity). Whatever it is, we’ll be thrilled because our loving heavenly Parent is pleased with us. “Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you” (Matthew 6:4 NIV). Dearest sister-mom, if you’re a stress mess, this one’s for you. My books aren’t written for the have-it-all-together, but for the scattered and tattered, scarred and scared. I pray that my crazy mom stories, encouragement from Papa God (“Abba” in biblical Aramaic), and a whole heap of LOLs within these pages will bring you hope, even if the size of a brownie crumb. Because that’s enough for you to take the next bold plunge toward honest-to-goodness joy.

This delightful boxed set includes Coty’s popular Too Blessed for Moms devotional, featuring just-right-sized, truth-filled readings (gift-wrapped in humor); while the creative journal showcases beautiful art pieces to color along with inspiring thoughts and prayers, plus room to record personal thoughts, favorite scriptures, or anything else that happens to be on your heart and mind. Touching on topics like patience, grace, rest, time-management, attitude, and more, you’ll experience inspiration and encouragement to help you to attain the peace you crave—the peace that passes all understanding.

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Debora Coty is an inspirational speaker and author of the popular book series, Too Blessed To Be Stressed, with over 500,000 copies sold. Her passion is sharing an off-beat blend of biblical truth gift-wrapped in humor, encouragement, and unconventional wisdom with women of all ages. She believes that the stresses of life become manageable when we truly understand God’s blessings.

Deb considers herself a tennis junkie and “choco-athlete,” which means she exercises just so she can eat more chocolate! She is a retired piano teacher and orthopedic occupational therapist. Deb currently lives, loves, and laughs in central Florida with her husband, Chuck, two grown children, and three adorable grandbuddies who live next door.

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