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Natalie Walters captivated readers with her debut novel Living Lies, book one in the Harbored Secret series. In book two, Deadly Deceit, Walters draws readers into an edge-of-your-seat plot with more than a few surprises.

Vivian DeMarco just wants to do her job and get out of Walton, Georgia. But when her boss dies suddenly under suspicious circumstances, Vivian’s only hope for finding out what really happened is in the hands of Deputy Ryan Frost. Unfortunately, the deeper they dig, the more twisted the truth becomes. False leads, incriminating emails, and someone called the Watcher force Vivian to decide: Is she willing to lose it all for the sake of a headline?

Author Natalie Walters welcomes you back to Walton, Georgia, where everyone knows your name—but no one knows your secrets.

Author Spotlight: Q&A with Natalie Walters

What is a Bible verse that inspires you to keep on writing?

1 Chronicles 28:20 “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you…”

Describe the moment that you knew you were born to write.

I don’t know that I’ve ever had that moment where I knew I was born to write. Honestly, I think I’m listening every day for God to direct me on this journey. Praying that my eyes will be open for His guidance because there’s so much uncertainty that I have to trust this is His will for my life right now.

_Cooking and baking ___ is your escape from writing, because it makes you feel __accomplished__.

Some writing days are really hard and don’t feel productive at all. It can be frustrating to not have scenes or characters work out. But cooking and baking nearly always work out! Plus, I’m left with the bonus of eating away my frustrations.

What’s your strategy for coping with bad reviews?

Don’t read them. Seriously. I don’t read the good ones either. Reviews are subjective to the reader and readers have a right to their opinion of your story, good or bad. I find that the good reviews make me just as nervous as bad reviews because the fear that maybe the next book won’t be “as good” was crippling my creativity. I have an excellent critique partner, beta readers, and editors whom I trust explicitly to make sure that I put out the best story I possibly can and that is enough.

If for some reason you couldn’t write anymore, what would you do with your gift of communication?

Not that this would ever happen but if I could, I think I’d become a morning talk show host. Not a news reporting one but a let’s-talk-about-all-the-fun-things one. We’d talk books, movies, hunky actors, and maybe throw in a couple of fun cooking segments! Basically, I’d take Kelly Ripa’s job.

What book would you write if you could write any book?

I’d like to write a contemporary romance book. I’d take a few of my secondary characters from my previous books and instead of putting their lives in danger I’d put them in romantic scenes with lots of humor and fun with a hero who’d make their toes curl and heart swoon.

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Natalie Walters is the author of Living Lies. A military wife of twenty-two years, she currently resides in Hawaii with her soldier husband and their three kids. She writes full-time and has been published in Proverbs 31 magazine and has blogged for Guideposts online. In addition to balancing life as a military spouse, mom, and writer, she loves connecting on social media, sharing her love of books, cooking, and traveling. Natalie comes from a long line of military and law enforcement veterans and is passionate about supporting them through volunteer work, races, and writing stories that affirm no one is defined by their past.

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