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Author Spotlight Laura Taggart

With thirty years of experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist, Laura Taggart understands the unique struggles of newly married couples who find marriage much more difficult than they imagined. Failed expectations, unanticipated conflict, and disagreements about money, sex, children, and more have many young couples assuming they made a mistake, married the wrong person, or just weren’t ready. As a result, one-third of all married couples divorce before their ten-year anniversary.

In this practical and hopeful book, Taggart offers the wisdom and help she would share as a counselor with a couple beginning their marriage. She helps couples examine their true expectations for marriage, provides six action steps for improving the way couples relate, and gives couples a new picture of what it means to enjoy marriage for a lifetime.

Each chapter includes discussion questions for couples or small groups as well as additional questions for personal reflection.

Can you tell us about your newest release?

Yes! My first book, Making Love Last: Divorce-Proofing Your Young Marriage came on on the 4th of July. I wrote it to help young couples get through the hard seasons of their married life. Couples married 5-10 years have a 32% divorce rate. They often have idealized expectations about how they will get along and meet each others needs and when significant conflict emerges, they feel unequipped to handle it and can assume they’ve married the wrong. My book offers a new way of thinking about marriage and practical skills to get them through the rough times.

Is it part of a series or a stand-alone?

I’m hoping to write a second book for couples with teens and kids in early college, facing the empty nest, as it’s another time of marital disillusionment.

Is anything or anyone in this book based on real-life experiences?

I’ve been a Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years, so much of what I write about are the struggles of couples I have counseled. Although names and identities are changed to preserve confidentiality the issues the couples face in the book are real.

What was the hardest scene in this book to write? What made it difficult?

The dialogue between couples was challenging. I gleaned from fiction writing how to make them more colorful and engaging.

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Laura Taggart is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over thirty years of counseling couples and families. She has been “in the trenches” with hundreds of couples, from those who are highly conflicted, recovering from infidelity, on the verge of calling it quits to those who want to make a good marriage better. Laura sees marriage as a profoundly transformative relationship, which, with courage, maturity, and tenacity, can change us into distinctly more authentic and intimate partners. She also has a heart for encouraging parents in the trenches of raising kids and helping families to thrive.

Laura graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with her Masters in Theology in 1982 and integrates her theological background and Christian spirituality in her work as a therapist and author. She has been an adjunct professor of counseling at Fuller Theological Seminary in Northern California and the Evangelical Theological College of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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