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When Candice Curry was a little girl, she put her hand in her father’s back pocket so that she wouldn’t get lost in large crowds. Little did she know that as she followed him, he was plying his trade: conning people. Her family drove stolen cars, lived in stolen houses, and shopped with stolen credit cards. Drug use was regular, as were visits from strange people who were trying to track her father down. Though she eventually cut ties with her father, Candice could not ignore the scars that were left from her childhood.

The Con Man’s Daughter is her story, one steeped in secrets but one that, ultimately, led her to a place of forgiveness and freedom. As she struggles to understand her criminal father, as well as her own imperfect life, Candice comes to realize that we are not defined by our circumstances but rather by how we react to those circumstances. She’s found peace in the knowledge that God doesn’t love us because we’re perfect—but because he is.

Author Spotlight with Candice Curry

Curry_CandiceWhat part of the country do you consider home?

I am a born and raised Texas girl with deep roots. I’m still in the same city where I grew up and my kids attend the same schools I attended. I can’t imagine living anywhere else, not that somewhere else wouldn’t be beautiful, it just wouldn’t be Texas. Please come visit so I can take you to eat the best Tex Mex food and show you the best swimming holes.

Currently, how big (or small) is your household?

We are a family of 7. My husband and I have four daughters and one son living in our home and if we could we would add a dozen more. I love the sweet chaos and constant giggles. We don’t live in a huge home so we are constantly interacting with each other and I feel like it has made us a more patient and close family. Down side is that the washing machine and drying never ever stop running.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Laundry or dishes. Kidding, sort of. I’m usually doing all things mom, but my husband and I sneak away for date night at least once a week. As family, we spend a ton of time outside by the pool or begging our garden to grow. I do speak to groups like MOPS when I can and help my ten-year-old daughter run her ministry that provides essentials to our homeless community. I try my hardest to make it up to my teenage daughter’s school at least once a month, find her car in the parking lot, video myself dancing in front of her car, then Snapchat it to her while she’s in class. It totally freaks her out.

Is there any habit or hobby you have that might surprise readers?

I drive with my left leg propped up on the car door. It’s a terrible habit that my husband hates.

I stamp old keys for fun and make them into necklaces or keychains. I spend a lot of time in my office making key necklaces. It’s kind of a form of therapy for me.

I think my friends are surprised when the find out that I make my own kitchen and bathroom cleaners as well as my own room spray (to get the kids stink out). I also make my own walnut butter, salad dressing, and bug spray. My next self-making mission is to make my own hand soap.

You’ve just turned in your manuscript, and your editor won’t return it with revisions for at least a week or two. Where would you go for a vacation?

A small cabin nestles quietly on a Texas river. I love to get waist deep in Texas rivers and hang out with my kids. We have rock skipping contests until our arms are about to fall off. There is nothing like a packing the cooler full of snacks and hanging out on the river’s edge. There has to be a BBQ pit and something to make coffee in, other than that we just need the river!

41FOgN-ealL._UY250_What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Coffee…wait, it might be pistachio. Nope, it’s cookie dough, unless they have birthday cake then it’s definitely birthday cake. MMMM, now I want ice cream.

Are you a dog or a cat person? What does that tell us about you?

Neither. It probably tells you that I’m a terrible human but I swear I’m totally average. I grew up with great danes so there was period in my life when I was fine with a dog living with me. Now I have plenty of mouths to feed and people to clean up after, I don’t need to add another. But here’s a secret. Last year I let my kids adopt a dog, a huge dog. He was 10 years old, house trained and super lazy. I felt like we were one. He’s now obsessed with me and follows me around the house constantly!

What was your favorite childhood book? What made it so beloved?

Where the Side Walk Ends. My best friend had it at her house and I was in love with it. I loved that I could pick it up and read a short poem. I loved that it was clever and sweet. I loved that it was my best friend’s. I was always jealous that she had it, I wanted one at my house. I have no idea why I just didn’t ask my parents to buy me one.

How many unfinished book ideas or manuscripts do you currently have?

Not counting the ones I write in my head when I wake up in the middle of the night with my mind racing, two. I have two. I plan on writing a co-parenting/parenting book and to continue the story from my recently published book, The Con Man’s Daughter. Since The Con Man’s Daughter is so deep and emotional, I want to write something a little more light hearted and fun. I hope that’s what I can do with the parenting book.

What’s your favorite movie? Favorite TV show?

Modern Family is the greatest show ever. Every single character on that show is the hilarious and well written. It’s one of those shows that I feel my family is an extension of. We record all the episodes and rewatch them over and over. Dang it, did I just make my family sounds crazy? That’s another habit of mine.

If you were casting yourself in a movie, which actor or actress would you pick? Why?

Pink. She’s my spiritual animal.

Thank you for spending time on my blog today! Where can readers find you online?
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Candice Curry spent years working in sales doing what she felt she had to instead of what she wanted to. Then she put her faith in God and gave it all up to share her story through writing. The daughter of a con man and convicted criminal, Candice started a blog as a form of therapy, which has grown into a worldwide ministry and landed her on TODAY and Good Morning America. A speaker and a contributor to The Huffington Post,, and several other sites, Candice has a passion to give hope to those suffering the pain of rejection, the burden of unforgiveness, and the emptiness of great loss. Candice and her husband, Brandon, have five children and recently welcomed her sixteen-year-old sister into their home. They live in San Antonio, Texas, in the former home of her childhood best friend.

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