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What is the smartest writing advice you ever got? Write about what you know.

What was your biggest break?

Writing the book Lassie A Dog’s Life. That was the first book that not only hit the bestseller charts, but was made into two TV specials and got on all the network morning shows and CNN.

I’m inspired by . . .

. . . today’s college kids. They are much more invested in making a positive impact in the world that my generation was. They care less about money and more about making a difference.

My great adventure has been . . .

. . . Marriage. I am married to an amazing woman and each day offers new joys and wonders. Thirty-eight years after I said “I do” I still love being Kathy’s husband.

The one thing I hope to discover is . . .

. . . My potential. I just want to see how much I can grow and how long I can keep growing.

If I could go anywhere, it would be . . .

. . . I need to go back to Auburn, Indiana again.

If you have only an hour . . .

. . . I want to call and thank everyone who has impacted me life.

Describe yourself in one word?


If your house were on fire, what one thing would you save?

If you are taking about material things; my 1934 Auburn.

What has been your most surreal, “pinch-me-I’m-dreaming” moment so far?

Having a bestseller. That was simple beyond comprehension.

What drives you to succeed?

I don’t know that I can describe it. I’m a storyteller and I have all these people inside my head that want to get out. So, in a sense, it is wanting to share those stories that pushes me on.

Best Surprise

When my wife was offered a job at Ouachita as a professor in the education department. It was so wonderful to see her dreams fulfilled and for us to get to move to this incredible section of Arkansas.

Best Saturday Afternoon Read

I like to pick up a biography about a classic Hollywood film star.

Best Forgotten Custom

Few know why mistletoe is a part of Christmas. Because I know I fully embrace what it originally meant.

Best Way to Break a Sweat

I run and the second best way is to walk our collies.

Best Style Icon

For me it would be Cary Grant.

Best Time-Waster

Watching college basketball.

Best Indulgence

Anything with peanut butter in it.

Best Advice

Plan for the future but live this moment as if it all you have.

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