In celebration of The Heart of the Amish being released, I asked you to share your stories of forgiveness. Thank you to everyone who submitted stories and shared a piece of your heart with me! Here is the winning story from Anna*:

In 2004, I became guardian for my 92-year-old father who lived in the home he was born in. The house was falling down all around him, and had become a “death trap.” Having been diagnosed with dementia and incapable of caring for himself, and because I lived on the other side of the country, I made the heart-wrenching decision to place him in a nursing home. This decision brought about anger and alienation from my father toward me, to the point of him picking up his walker to strike me. His oldest sister didn’t believe I was doing right and alienated me from her heart and home. I was no longer welcome in her home during my visits to Dad in the nursing home. She had not entered the family home for 30+ years and thought I was after his money. Dad’s other sister was very supportive and tried to have my aunt understand, but it didn’t happen.

During one of my many visits to Dad while he was in the nursing home, he seemed more cognizant, and his anger with me was gone. He had forgiven me for placing him in a home. Just three weeks later, I received a call from the nursing home saying Dad was in a coma. I caught a plane and went to his side. During those last three days, I cradled him and sang songs about Jesus and Heaven. At one point, my aunt walked into his room where I was holding him. I stood up when I realized she was there, turned around, and held my arms open as I walked toward her. In a moment’s time, she came toward me and we tearfully embraced, and I knew she had forgiven me. A miracle of forgiveness at Dad’s bedside. I was once again welcome in her heart and home. She held my hand most of the memorial service and invited me to spend my last days there with her. It wasn’t long after that she went to be with our Lord. I’d been without her love and support for four years – so very painful. I am so thankful to the Lord for these two miracles of forgiveness in my life.

*Name changed to protect privacy of the person

What’s harder to forgive: a big thing or a small thing? Why?

Submit your thoughts on forgiveness (250 words of less) to info {at} suzannewoodsfisher {dot} com. I’ll pick a story to share on my blog next week and the winner will receive a copy of The Heart of the Amish! 

Note: To protect the privacy of those in your story, I will change names and other important details if necessary. Once you submit the story, you are giving permission to repost on my blog.


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