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The theme of Anything but Plain is all about living intentionally. And the first step (for Lydie Stoltzfus, and for all of us) is this simple one: SLOW DOWN.

I’ve always said that you don’t have to go Amish to incorporate some aspects of their lifestyle…and slowing down might be the most beneficial one of all.

Why? You will enjoy your life more, you’ll feel less stress, less fatigue, make fewer mistakes, have fewer regrets. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Ironically, slowing down takes work.

So this month, I’m kicking off a “Live an Amish-y Day” challenge to encourage you to take some simple steps toward slowing down. And you’ll get rewarded, too! Some of the more difficult challenges are worth more entry points. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to do everything on the list all at once. You’ve got all month to try the “Live an Amish-y Day” challenges.

Hopefully, over time, the intention to slow down will become engrained in your daily routines and rhythms. I have a hunch you’re going to get hooked on the slower life!

About Anything but Plain

It’s not easy being the bishop’s daughter, especially for Lydie Stoltzfus. She’s not like other Amish girls, as much as she wishes she were. The only thing she does well is disappoint others. Leaving her family and church seems unbearable, but staying might be worse.

Knowing Lydie is “between” jobs, the local doctor asks her to fill in at the front desk for a few months. To Lydie, this is a boon. It gives her time to figure out how she’s going to say goodbye to her neighbor, Nathan Yoder–the main reason she needs to leave Stoney Ridge. Nathan claims he’s in love with her, but she knows she’s not good enough for him. If in doubt, Nathan’s father reminds her frequently.

As Dok spends time with Lydie, she recognizes symptoms of a disorder rare among the Amish. She offers treatment for Lydie. But will it be enough to make her stay? Or has help come too late?

Bestselling and award-winning author Suzanne Woods Fisher invites you back to Stoney Ridge, a small town that feels like an old friend.

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