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Tune in on Thursday at 4:00pm CDT and catch my guests Lisa Bogart and Karen Anna Vogel talk about their new books and how they’ve incorporated their crafty talents into great reads.

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More about Lisa: Lisa Bogart is a knitter, weaver, and scrapbooker with a degree in Fine Arts from Colorado StateUniversity. She works at Piedmont Yarn & Apparel in Oakland, California, and belongs to three knitting circles. She lives in California with her family.

Website: www.LisaBogart.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LisaBogartAuthor 

More about Knit with Love: Stories to Warm a Knitter’s Heart (Revell Publishing October 2011) shares amazing anecdotes of more than 40 knitters, from a Staff Sergeant in Iraq who started a group of knitting soldiers, to a high school guidance counselor who recruited athletic and academic students alike for knitting during the lunch hour. It also includes a fascinating look at knitting throughout history, the many ways knitting can contribute to the community, various tips and tricks for the knitter, even a step-by step plan for starting your own knitting group.

Friendships, outreach, advantages, and how-tos—it’s all here! These knitting tales will inspire, encourage, and make you smile. Rediscover your love for the craft and the creativity, passion, and peace that come with your talent.

More about Karen: Karen Anna Vogel is a trusted English friend to many Amish in Western Pennsylvania and New York. She’s the author of Amish Knitting Circle, Knit Together, and The Amish Doll.

She has a B.A. in psychology and a Masters in Biblical Counseling and loves mentoring young women. Karen and her husband of 31 years, Tim, enjoy living in rural PA and have four grown children. www.karenvogel.com

More about Knit Together: “Two cultures knit together by one faith” Ginny and James Rowland have close-knit ties with many Amishfamilies in the small-town of Smickburg, PA. But these ties are threatened to unravel… Ginny’s photographer brother, Joseph, comes up from Pittsburgh to capture Amish farm scenes, but instead captures the heart of an Amish woman, Katie Byler. A shunned Amish man finds refuge in the Rowland’s Baptist Church. The Bishop discovers his son is dating the Rowland’s daughter. Will Granny Weaver’s knitting circle, that Ginny and other Englishers attend, be able to bring harmony through their love and faith?

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