Happy Monday!!

Most people hate Mondays but I love, love, love them. The week lies ahead, filled with possibilities. Like, of a to-do list actually getting finished. For one brief day, I sense the luxury of time. (It’s  complete self-delusion. By Wednesday, I start panicking. Still, a girl can dream.)

I’m working hard this week on book 2 in a new series–tentatively called “The Haven.” I just finished final proofs for Amish Values for Your Family and have a tiny breather before I receive galleys for A Lancaster County Christmas.

And baby Blake is still our long-term house guest. He has just started sitting up by himself! 

I always start the week with another hope…that this Thursday, from 2-3 California time, my family and friends will NOT call or text me. I have yet to have a single week of hosting my radio show without one of my kids calling, texting, e-mailing. My own husband scheduled a tree cutting from 2-3 on Thursday. And my friend Kim has a knack of calling during that time, even if she’s on vacation. They’re not trying to be clueless…they truly forget that I am trying to conduct a radio show! It’s like that one hour, once a week, acts as a magnet.

Surely, surely…this week will be IT!

Sigh. A girl can hope.

By the way, prolific author Kim Vogel Sawyer will be my guest on Amish Wisdom. Kim’s mother-in-law just passed away, so she is squeezing me in on a jam-packed, emotionally laden week.

 Hope you have a great start to the week. Just in case you hate Mondays, this new song by Francesca Battastelli will turn it around for you!

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