Amish Wisdom round-up!

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some fabulous people on Amish Wisdom – here are a few highlights. If you’re new to my blog, you can hear the show live every Thursday at 4:00 pm Central! (To listen in – go here and just click on the player in the top right corner.) You can also access all the past shows at this link or download them for free on iTunes here.

Thursday 25th of August 2011
Deb Coty’s latest release, “Too Blessed to be Stressed” (Barbour), is packed with inspiration, insights, and humor. You’ll get a taste of Deb’s quirky and heart-felt encouragement in this hour.
Thursday 18th of August 2011
Valerie Weaver-Zercher is a Mennonite writer and editor who worked on the revised 30th anniversary edition of “Living More with Less” by Doris Janzen Longacre (Herald Press). Valerie discusses the motivations behind living a simpler life so that it transcends the “Green in In” trend.
Thursday 11th of August 2011
Erik Wesner catches us up on his book projects and shares some of the more controversial topics about the Amish that have been discussed on his blog.
Thursday 4th of August 2011
Jonas Beiler, discusses the different roles in his life: family counselor, co-founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and author of “Think No Evil.” Jonas was raised Old Order Amish. Although he is no longer Amish, he admires many aspects of them, including their quick intent to forgive. In the second half of the show, Jonas talks in-depth about the Nickel Mine shootings.
Thursday 28th of July 2011
Guest host Judy Christie talks with MaryBeth Whalen about her new novel, “She Makes It Look Easy” (David Cook). They also chat about living within one’s means, simplifying life, and being the person you’re meant to be. MaryBeth is a mother of six, ages 6-19. Lots to talk about!
Thursday 21st of July 2011
The bestselling team of Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould discuss how they manage writing a manuscript when they live 2,000 miles apart. Their newest release, “The Amish Nanny,” includes some fascinating historical information about the Anabaptists.
Thursday 14th of July 2011
Kevin Williams, co-author of “Amish Cook Baking Book”with Lovina Eicher, shares his story of starting a syndicated newspaper column. Guest hosting is Judy Christie, author of the wildly popular “Gone to Green” series (Abingdon Press).
Thursday 7th of July 2011
Kathleen Fuller writes bestselling Amish fiction for Thomas Nelson, and is currently battling thryoid cancer. She shares what she has learned as she journeys through this experience. Just a heads-up…the final segment is an excerpt from “Amish Values for Your Family,” a new release from yours truly.
Thursday 30th of June 2011
Ira Wagler was raised Old Order Amish in Aylmer, Ontario. “Growing Up Amish” (Tyndale) is a memoir of Ira’s childhood and young adulthood–and his back-and-forth struggle to figure out which world he belonged in.
Thursday 16th of June 2011
Shelley’s had a big year! Nine books (9!), her youngest child just graduated from high school, she’s been on NPR radio, featured in USA Today, and just returned from an Alaskan cruise. In this episode, Shelley shares her observations after attending an Old Order Amish wedding, and we discuss her soon-to-release book, “The Protector,” book 2 in the Families of Honor series.
Thursday 9th of June 2011
Ann Gabhart shares information about the Shakers, a religious community that thrived in the 1700s and 1800s. Ann writes historical fiction about the Shakers and is very knowledgeable about this unique group.
Thursday 26th of May 2011
A few years ago, Dan Endy (non-Amish) and Amos Stoltzfus (Beachy Amish) met in Pennsylvania and forged a meaningful friendship. How have they influenced each other? What have they learned from each other? What kinds of activities do they share? You’ll find answers to those questions and many more–while learning a lot about friendship.
Thursday 19th of May 2011
Fascinating show that explores the history of Anabaptists with four knowledgeable guests: Erik Wesner of Amish America, Mennonite cookbook author Sherry Gore, soon-to-be-author and former Old Order Amish Ira Wagler, and former Hutterite Mary Ann Kirkby. Each one shares some history and know-how about an aspect of their faith.
Thursday 5th of May 2011
Paul Gaus, writer of Amish fiction mysteries, describes how he segued from a chemistry professor at a university to a writer of murder mysteries. Paul shares what it takes to write a mystery novel.
Thursday 28th of April 2011
Debut novelist Ruth Reid talks about her book, “The Promise of an Angel,” about an Amish settlement in Michigan.
Thursday 21st of April 2011
Beverly Lewis, New York Times bestselling author and the “gracious host” of the Amish fiction sub-genre, talks about the recent Hallmark film of “The Shunning,” and about her recent release, “The Judgment.” Beverly shares about how her childhood influenced her writing and imagination.

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