Yesterday’s News

Suzanne Uncategorized

I heard on the news yesterday that a recent poll of women revealed that 25% of those polled would rather win America’s Next Top Model than win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ladies, ladies, ladies.

Have we learned nothing about body image in the last few generations?

In other “yesterday’s news”…Adam Lambert nailed it again last night on American Idol! His creative bent combined with phenomenal talent make him pretty unbeatable. I’ve never voted for anyone, not once. but my money is on that boy to snag the top spot. Even if he doesn’t…he has a music career ahead of him.

Another newsworthy event…the U.S. Postal Service is considering dropping Saturday mail. At first, I felt sorry. But then I realized that most of my mail consists of bills or junk mail.

Not so sorry to miss out on Saturday’s delivery.

Now…if it were UPS or FED EX cutting out a delivery day, then I would be sorry. Yesterday, the big brown truck delivered my newest book! Six big cartons, hot off the press. Looks awesome!

It officially releases next Tuesday, but is already up on Amazon with a discounted price.

Have a happy Thursday!