Winners of Last Week’s Giveaway

Suzanne Uncategorized

I was delighted by all of the comments and e-mails for the To Love and Cherish book giveaway! Loved every one…the stories were very touching about why a Christmas carol holds a warm spot in your heart. Put me in the holiday mood!

Plus, now I know my “bleaders” (that’s not an insult! Remember…bloggers + readers = bleaders) CAN leave comments! By the counter, I know there’s a lot of daily hits…but hardly anyone leaves comments! I figured it was a technological issue…or an age thing…or my mother reading my blog over and over and over again…but NO! I’ve found the cure! Giveaways!

So in a very scientific manner, I put the names in a hat and drew two:

Denise F. and Linda (under Anonymous)

Denise and Linda, please send me your home addresses. I have to make a run to the post office (ugh! But for you, I’ll do it!) so I will get those books in the mail asap.

And I promise to host another giveaway soon. I want to do some for The Choice but I have two enormous book events this week and need every one of my advanced copies! Happily, The Choice is off to a flying head start before its official January 1st release. And I’m receiving some lovely e-mails about the book from readers who ordered it thru CBD and got it early…those e-mails means so much to me!

An update on the two missing climbers: nothing to update. The weather is bad on Mt. Hood so rescue operations are hampered. Please keep these families in your prayers. I’ll post an update if/when I hear something.

Hope your week is off to a good start. Thank you, dear bleaders, for reading my blog and posting those great comments! You’ve added meaning to those beautiful Christmas songs.