What’s Happening in Stoney Ridge?

Suzanne Uncategorized

Curious about what’s happening with Julia, Sadie and Mary Kate? Well, I caught up with the Stoney Ridge Roving Reporter who just happened to catch an interview with Mary Kate … something about a SCANDAL at Windmill Farm!

Stoney Ridge Times Roving Reporter: Mary Kate, I was hoping to have a chance to speak with your sister, Sadie.

M.K.: Sorry. Sadie doesn’t like to talk to strangers. She’s shy like that.

Stoney Ridge Times Roving Reporter: Well, maybe you could answer a few questions for the local newspaper.

M.K.: No, I shouldn’t. (Looks intrigued.) What sort of questions?

Stoney Ridge Times Roving Reporter: I was speaking to someone who mentioned there was a scandal at Windmill Farm. Something involving Sadie.

M.K.: (Stamps her foot in anger) Who said that? Was it Jimmy Fisher? I’ll sure it was! Everything that comes out of his mouth is a gullywasher of lies.

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