What is a Simple Life?

Suzanne Uncategorized

During dinner on Sunday night, I asked my family what they thought about the lifestyle of our Dunkard cousins.

My niece (age 23) didn’t understand why they dress the way they do. She thought it almost seemed attention-grabbing. My daughter (age 20) agreed. They were put off by the “frumpiness” factor.

My son (age 17) thought they were ordinary people, just a little more conservative than most of us.

My other son (age 24) thought they made life harder than it needed to be. Take canning. They put up about 50 jars of peaches each summer to eat throughout the winter.

Everyone agreed on the notion that we have more in common than what separates us–valuing time spent as a family, in particular.

What do you think about living a simpler life? It seems like such an appealing goal, but what does a simpler life really mean to you?